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Airmen, Fly Girls and Shark teeth

noseart ran

Going beyond simple lettering and pictures, airplane nose art was a form of power, good luck, ownership and a blushing reminder of home for the crews.  

The practice of embellishing personalized insignias and decorations on military fighter aircraft was said to have originated with Italian and German pilots with the first recorded piece of nose art being a sea monster painted on the nose of an Italian flying boat in 1913. The idea must have taken on because around that time, the Swedish pioneering aviator, “the flying Baron” Carl Cederström purchased a Donnet-Lévêque sea-biplane for his flying school, Scandinavian Aviatik AB and similarly applied a fish-scaled motif to the craft. Cederström named it “Flygfisken” (Flying Fish).

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Absolutely Absolut


The old maxim “If it ain’t broke, don’t change it” holds true for Absolut vodka. Since 1980, the vodka manufacturer has been running essentially the same print advertising campaign where the ads in the campaign make sly reference to Absolut’s distinctive stubby neck and see-through label bottle with tongue-in-cheek variations to the two word tagline.

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DDB Worldwide, Singapore’s new double-take print ads of Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore suggest that perhaps women should focus on health and have their breasts checked rather than obsess about their big butts, pimples and bad hair days. As breast cancer can strike at any age (just under 7% of all breast cancer cases occur in women under 40 years old.), women of every age should be aware of their personal risk factors for breast cancer.

Created at Republic Studios, illustrator Andy Yang Soo painted a model’s body with Kryolan body paint and Daler Rowney Expression angled brushes and sponges while photographer Allan Ng took the attention-grabbing photographs.

Commented illustrator Andy Yang: “Interesting project I was involved in recently. Painting on a LIVE MODEL, graphic style! Interesting paint that doesn’t dry but the challenge is to paint on contoured body skin. It’s tricky but once you get the hang of it, it’s ok. Sketch and idea was confirmed on paper with the creative team. 3 day schedule locked down at Republic Studios because each piece took about half day to complete which includes touch ups on the body paint and photography. This job was really smooth sailing because the creative team really knew what they wanted. Special thanks to the team at DDB Singapore, Republic Studios and the model. This is one of those jobs that you need a team to pull off.”

Organization of Illustrators Council – Singapore Illustrators and Illustration


Changing Education’s Paradigm

The Pacific – Intro | Opening Credits | Director’s Cut

Directed by Steve Fuller who commented that this was the animatic that got his design company the HBO job.

BLU + JR in Berlin

A huge wall made by Blu and JR in Berlin July 2007 for the Planet Prozess project.

COMBO – 2 times looped

Imagination has no limits.

‘Muto’ – animated graffiti by Italian artist blu

Amazing animated graffiti by italian artist ‘blu’

Welcome to the amazing world of pop-up books!

"Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" by Robert Sabuda features amazing pop-up illustration.

When you open this special book all the characters and the background instantly pop up. Almost if as the world in the book suddenly turns into the real thing. Pop-up books do always surprise you and can lead you to a nostalgic and wonderful dream. Today I will take you to the world of pop-up books!

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Fortune Magazine employs Gestalt Principle of Closure for CEO of the Decade article

Gestalt Principles are used everywhere, we just have to open our eyes to see and recognise them. Leafing through the November 2009 issue of Fortune magazine, I came upon this enticing spread about Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs – voted CEO of the Decade – with an artwork portraiture by Megan Caponetto utilising the Principle of Closure. Photography was by Christopher Griffith.

The Principle of Closure:
When looking at a complex arrangement of individual elements, humans tend to first look for a single, recognizable pattern.

Or in simple words, the Principle of Closure applies when we tend to see complete figures even when part of the information is missing. Kind of frightening huh?

Okay, let’s see how effective this portrait engages the Principle of Closure: A close up of the portrait shows Apple hardware – various iPod cases, mouse, keyboards and cables against a black background.


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By Sara Wilson

Absolut is the third largest international spirits brand in the world, shipping to 125 different markets, and is known throughout the world as being a premium vodka. But this is largely due to more than 20 years of creative marketing.

With the recent launches of Absolut Generations and Absolut Next Generation, the brand is paying tribute to art — one very essential value that has helped define the brand for nearly two decades and began with Andy Warhol.

In 1985, Andy Warhol admired the Absolut bottle so much that he was inspired to create one of his own. Dramatic and colorful, his creation became known as “ABSOLUT WARHOL.” It also signified the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Absolut and more than 600 artists, each one attempting to capture the spirit and essence of the brand. Inspired by Warhol’s original creation, ABSOLUT ART exhibitions recently appeared in Paris, New York and Stockholm. Meanwhile, the vodka brand has become nearly synonymous with art.


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Grafitti Artistik


Pirates are a talented bunch of mural artists in Britain; working mainly with spray paint, they also use a host of other media such as chalk, acrylic paint or pen for smaller scale work.

Interestingly, graffiti has come a long way since the 1970s, moving from the walls and subway cars of New York city to, in some cases, when accepted as art, displayed in galleries and museums. This raises questions such as: How can vandalism be considered art? And is graffiti still graffiti if it is legal? Legal or not, it has been said that graffiti should not be dismissed for its pure illegitimacy, but appreciated and embraced for its form and style.

Represented by The Central Illustration Agency, London


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European Travel Posters 1930s-1960s


Baie du Mont St-Michel/ Avranches, c. 1930 A. Bergevin

Travel posters of the 1920s and 1930s can be said to epitomize the Golden Age of travel in its simplest form. It was an unprecedented era of travel to destinations unchartered, wildly exotic and tinged with romance.

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