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What’s a logo? Well, a logo is simply an instantly recognizable graphic or type treatment created for a brand. Sounds simple, right? Wait, there’s more. It should instill a sense of trust, respect, quality and loyalty. Why? The reason is the logo is the face of a company, and should convey and represent philosophically the qualities, beliefs and core values of the company. And hold on… we’re not finished yet; it should look different from competitors or other companies offering similar services or products!

It has been often said that logo design is “business strategy made visual.” Never forget this. This requires the following:

The fullest understanding of the objectives of a client’s business.

Translating that understanding into a visual identity.

Ensuring this identity is unique, distinctive and memorable.


Not understanding this blend of business and design – lose sight of a project’s strategy and you’re designing not for your client but for yourself. And that’s BAD. VERY BAD.

Don’t think that using photoshop filters and tricks of technology in place of a concept will guarantee success. It just shows you have not done any proper thinking.

Not understanding the production techniques needed to reproduce your logo.

Sticking with your first idea.



Focus on the problem presented by the client and how your design solves that problem.

Some clients do not articulate what they want or what are the problems they face; this means that you have to ask them (imagine the client as a patient and you the doctor; you have to ask questions to diagnose the health of the patient, right?).

Explain your work properly; even the savviest of clients will reject good work if that wasn’t explained clearly and properly.

Think strategically, not aesthetically. Understand the client’s strategic goal.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes, try to appreciate his problems and understand who his target audience is.

Do research… then do some more.

You are not designing the logo for yourself. An attractive design in your eyes isn’t necessarily a good design.

Do not take client’s feedback personally, understand that they are working towards an objective; your job is to help them achieve that objective.

Before starting, ask the client tons of questions about their goals and audience; and how the end user will interact with the logo. Only then will you have the proper foundation to begin your design work.

Know that choosing a logo design is already difficult for most clients; so showing three to five is the preferable amount.

The most important step before commencing a project is to get a brief from the client. A proper creative brief lays out the strategic goals for the project, demographic information, the key attributes an organization wants to be known for and an overview of competitors in the client’s business category.


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