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Obama’s speech … visually communicated

Here’s President Obama’s speech today as a Wordle ”word cloud,” which give greater prominence to words that appear frequently in a text.44612701


Logos with hidden messages

Charlie B. Johnson, Graphic Design blog

As a graphic designer, it feels great to find my customers so convinced about the power of a logo and what benefits it can earn them. However, I would say it is not just enough getting a simple logo designed for the sake of just having it. Now its time to make your logo design more exceptional and I am sure other designers will agree with me:)

Yes, I want you all to ask your designers make your logo look more conceptual and clever using the graphic designing tricks. As it is said, a logo should not be a plain looking symbol…it should reflect you and your company’s personality.

The final result of a cleverly designed logo often appears to be very simple making it difficult for the customers to accept the high cost of their no-frills logo.

Therefore, I have compiled some famous logos here which will help you notice that a meaningful logo can leave an eternal impression on the customers.

I am sure it will be fun studying these below given logos and will definitely tempt you to think out of the box. Let’s see if you can figure out the hidden symbols….get started!!


Body Wisdom – It is a logo design for a high end day spa… the hands effectively convey relaxing massage integrated with the proximity of the “owl eyes” to clearly say “wisdom”.

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Vibrant Chinese Propaganda Art – Part 1: Revolution, Revolution, Revolution

by Lars Hasvoll Bakke, Cre:Stock

Chinese propaganda is like a fabulously bold and colourful history lesson, the kind of history lesson anyone with decent colour vision can appreciate. Look inside and feast your eyes on this first part of a series!

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