Lexus ‘See-thru’ car


Seen at the Tokyo Motor Show. When all your automotive competitors are reeling from the effects of the global recession, come up with a masterpiece of a showpiece! The message, though not subtle is crystal clear – these guys can do anything if they choose to.

The Lexus LF-A Crystallised Wind, made of acrylic for the Milan Design Week exhibition, actually appeared back in April at Milan’s Museo della Permanente art gallery.


The brainchild of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the ethereal Crystallised Wind shows the hidden details in Lexus’ LF-A, things like that bellowing V10 engine, the rear-mounted radiators, and even elements of the car’s interior.





It has been a long wait but Lexus’s first supercar is finally out, four years after the first concept appeared. Maximum power is 552bhp and peak torque is 480Nm; with a top speed of 324kmh, this puts it right in Lamborghini and Ferrari territory. Production is limited to 500 units, with Singapore getting 10 % at most. Estimated cost? SGP$1.3 million.

Daily Telegraph, Straits Times, AP, OPENERS


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