European Travel Posters 1930s-1960s


Baie du Mont St-Michel/ Avranches, c. 1930 A. Bergevin

Travel posters of the 1920s and 1930s can be said to epitomize the Golden Age of travel in its simplest form. It was an unprecedented era of travel to destinations unchartered, wildly exotic and tinged with romance.

If you had the money, travel with speed, grace and style while taking in the view of Mont St-Michel (Baie du Mont St-Michel/ Avranches, c. 1930 A. Bergevin) and the northern coast of France at the mouth of the Couesnon River in Normandy or visit beautiful Plombières Les Bains, the French spa town in the region of Lorraine (Plombières Les Bains (Vosges), 1939 Adrien Sénéschal). Everything was to be done with great aplomb; and nowhere was this more clearly expressed than in the travel posters of that time. Life was an adventure and was meant to be lived as such (if you had the money to permit you to do so, of course!)

Most of the illustrated posters of the 1930s share an Art Deco sensibility – a design style manifested by sleek, streamlined forms conveying elegance and sophistication. There were however some examples of avant-garde Futurist design which was characterized by a distinctive thrust towards rationalism, modernism and speed.


Sports D'Hiver France, 1954 Bernard Villemot


Plombières Les Bains (Vosges), 1939 Adrien Sénéschal


Super Cannes, c.1930 Guy Serre


PLM - Vichy, c.1930 Chauffard


Marseille, c. 1935 Roger Broders


Join the sun on a ski-run in France, c. 1960. Dubois


Fly Iberia (Toledo). c.1950 Anonymous


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