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Beatles Discography on Apple USB Drive


This Beatles inscribed, apple shaped 16GB flash drive was released by Apple and EMI, and features all 14 released LPs and 13 mini-documentary films, packed with album art and liner notes. Only 30,000 of these will be manufactured and they ship on December 7th 2009.

What’s with the green apple? Well, according to wikipedia, Apple Records was founded in 1968 as a sub-division of the Beatles’ Apple Corps project, which in practice was established as a small group of companies – Apple Retail, Apple Publishing, Apple Films, etc. Standard Apple album and single labels displayed a bright green Granny Smith apple on the A-side, while the flipside delightfully displayed the apple, now sliced in half.


I have fond memories recalling this logo on a John Lennon ‘Imagine’ single that I bought, on account of the fact that many of the albums and singles of that era had extremely boring designed labels.

The music is included in both 24-bit 44.1Khz FLAC and 320 kbps MP3 format, and has been digitally remastered prior to encoding.

You can preorder now at their online store.


The Manual Co. Boxes



‘Form Follows Function’ Concept Packaging for Quick Fruit



From Designer Marcel Buerkle of South Africa comes these beauties!



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