Vintage Coca-Cola & Pepsi Ads


An 1890s advertisement titled Drink Coca-Cola 5¢ had model Hilda Clark in formal 19th centure attire sipping a glass of Coke.


1920 Coca Cola vintage advertisement. Beautiful Coca Cola vintage logo in classic script style. Note the male hand in a business suit toasting the contour shaped glass full of delicious and refresing Coca Cola against the brilliant sun-lit skyscraper background. What is it trying to imply? Coca Cola is corporate America and corporate America is Coca Cola!


1935 Coca Cola “All trails lead to ice cold Coca Cola. The pause that refreshes” vintage advertisement. Mirages, virile, good looking but hopelessly lost male desires a real cold drink of Coca Cola. Note the dark turquoise/green background; semiotics are in play here!


1940 “Thirst stops here, the Pause that Refreshes” Coca Cola Fountain vintage advertisement with vibrant coloured illustration. With America easing out of the Depression, everybody neeeds a nice cold refreshing drink; and what better drink than Coke! Note the impact of the red fountain against the cool dark turquoise/green background; and the directional flow of the words : “Ice cold – Drink Coca-Cola” leading to the handheld class of Coke.


1943 Coca Cola vintage advertisement tribute to Stonewall Jackson, an American hero. The qualifier reads, “1863 “Stonewall Jackson taught us what the pause that refreshes really was.” This is so crudely conceptualised, an attempt at linking Coke to the fighting legacy of America’s military past and her military heroes. The small caption at extreme left bottom states “Even with war and so many Coca Cola bottling plants in enemy occupied countries, the American fighting men are delighted to find Coca Cola being bottled in so many places all over the globe”.


1950 Coca Cola vintage advertisement. Big, loud ad with view of the Raymond Loewy redesigned soda fountain machine and the Coke Sprite Boy wearing a soda jerk hat.


1960 Coca Cola vintage advertisement.


1970 Coca Cola vintage advertisement. “Coke complements everything from ham to hamburger, imported cheese to roast beef. It’s the real thing. Coke.” Photography unlike an illustration is the real thing too… so believe what you see, as the ad implied.


1954 Pepsi Cola vintage advertisement targeted at a figure-conscious female demographic. Pepsi is the modern light refreshment, reduced in calories. Pepsi-Cola refreshes without filling. A well composed layout, but sadly because of the miniscule Pepsi bottle representation, the visual sweep of the red gown links us to a crudely boxed-up Pepsi bottle cap at bottom left of the ad.


1960 Pepsi Cola ‘The Sociables prefer Pepsi’ vintage advertisement. A new young generation with different values to that of their parents. Note the ‘sociable’ poses and gestures. A white background implies a sense of innocence.


1964 Pepsi Cola “You’re in the Pepsi generation!” vintage advertisement.


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