2009 -2010 Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design

Just some random photographs taken of Visual Communication students at the NYP School of Design.

Whiteboard Y3 studio: Proj 6 Submission deadline

Visual Com Y3 studio

Visual Com Y3 studio - students hard at work

Y2 student presentation

Y2 VisCom students

Y1 Viscom students

Y2 Viscom photojournalism presentation

Everyone pays rapt attention, soon it will be their turn to present.

Industry guests conduct design seminars


More mindmapping

Briefing on upcoming cultural immersion trip to Japan

Industrial Design students in Kyushu, Japan

The many creatures that inhabit the staff toilet

Y2 viscom students 'chiongging'

Y3 Viscom photo-session for final project

Storm clouds approach

Nafta training cancelled today

Watching the awesome power of nature

The incredible perfect eyesight of the young

Warming up for Nafta Test

Here we go!

18...19... going for 20


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