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NYP School of Design visits Yuji Kimura exhibition

The last week of February saw numerous visits by Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design visual communication students and academic staff to the Japan Creative Centre at Nassim Road. While the Year 3 design students made their own way to the Yuji Kimura exhibition, a busload of visual com Year 1 and 2 students had a grand day of an outing, as testified by the photographs below.

Visual com students making their way to the Japan Creative Centre

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The Making of Yuji Kimura – Margins and Memories

Yuji Kimura has put his hand to multitudes of magazines and literary publications over the years and is, without doubt, a shining gem in the field of editorial design. There is simply no other person that has the presence or influence that Kimura commands. His methodology is steeped in an intimacy that is all-pervasive.

The Japanese Hot Designers Series is a series of exhibitions showcasing the work of outstanding contemporary Japanese designers. Held at the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore, a new type of culture and information centre which showcases Japan’s “now” including the latest in pop culture and cutting‐edge technology, the series aim to introduce key players of the Japanese design scene in a variety of fields such as fashion, product design and lifestyle goods.

About Yuji Kimura

Born  1947  in  Hokkaido,  Japan.  Art  director  and  designer.  After  graduating  from  Musashino  Art  University,  College  of  Art  and Design, ten  years  working  in  Tamotsu  Ejima’s  design  studio.  In  1982,  he goes  solo  and  founds  the  Kimura  Design  Office.  In  1987,  Esquire Japan,  with  Kimura  on  board  from  day  one  as  art  director,  bursts on the scene marking an epoch in the history of Japanese editorial and design work.

Esquire Japan proves to be an unparalleled influence on designers during that period and goes on to become the handbook for top quality magazine production. Kimura  also  works  in  the  book  design  field,  and,  in  2002,  receives  the  Kodansha  Publications  Cultural  Award.  Based  on  his  editorial  and  design  work  for  the  fortnightly  newspaper  insert  in  The  Asahi  Shimbun,  The  Asahi  Shimbun  GLOBE, beginning in 2008, Kimura is chosen by the Tokyo Art Directors Club as receipient of the 2009 ADC Award.

“What kind of a game is “an exhibition”, I wonder?

An exhibition where you just lay out a whole bunch of work to recreate the past is not something I am into. After toying round with a variety of ideas, I decided to view the JCC facility as a “bookcase”, and play the game of “how do I line things up”. It’s not just books and magazines in my bookcase at home, there are all sorts of things lined up there. There’s a bromide of an actress, a plaster cast of my teeth, etchings, a shoe (I bought several pars in Paris, but I put on a little weight and now they don’t fit, so they have become “objet d’art”), a “cast” of my head made out of wet-wipes, assorted tools and bits and pieces… the list goes on. I arrived at the idea of bringing the private life of my bookcase, which I don’t show to anyone else, into the exhibition space. In so doing, I was finally able to come up with a “rulebook” that would allow me to concentrate on playing the game of putting together an exhibition.”

Yuji Kimura

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Fashion photography

A style all of its own…  i-D magazine fashion spread via Trend Land

i-D Magazine– “ID is a British magazine dedicated to fashion, music, art and youth culture. i-D was founded by designer and former Vogue art director Terry Jones in 1980. The magazine is known for its innovative photography and typography, and over the years established a reputation as a training ground for fresh talent.” -Wikipedia

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Magazine design: Ancient Art of the Sahara

This June 1999 National Geographic magazine article is written and photographed by David Coulson who reports about the intriguing scenes carved in African rock shelters and on cliffs some 2500 – 9000 years ago.

The spread opens up with a gate-fold on the right and depicts a procession of giraffes, carved some 7000 years ago into the African rock.

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Magazine design – The Art of being Luis Marden

Magazine layout design

The most beautiful and evocative photographs can be dismissed in the hands of someone untrained in layout design. Layout design, in this case for magazines, is when carefully chosen photographs are selected by the editing team – sometimes a combination of editor and art director – and then woven by the designer into a visual feast for the eyes and intellect; attracting the reader’s attention while proffering the contents.

Here’s an example of magazine layouts taken from a past issue of National Geographic magazine. This November 2000 article features Luis Marden; writer, photographer and explorer whose 64 years with the National Geographic shaped their magazine.

Beautiful intro spread. The loosely spaced headline is an Art Deco like typeface, it acts as a 1930's link to Marden's 64 years of involvement with the magazine. The pictorial page at right has a sepia-toned image of the man himself - with a Mexican sombero!. The contextual link is a memorabilia - a little National Geographic Society flag, which places everything into perspective.

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