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How to use a blade… a newbie’s guide to sliced fingers prevention

Here’s some pointers for cutting materials such as paper, card, formcore and boards.

Cutting mat – use one. These are self-healing, and are made of a special plastic. These plastic mats have a special property: their molecules bind to each other in such a way that after they are cut apart, the broken bonds re-form when put back together. Don’t be a noob and cut on the surface of your table or bench, screwing up the smooth surface.

These are A5 size but obviously and it goes without saying, the larger the cutting mats, the better you cut.

Cutting blades – There are a whole assortment of cutting blades out there but for our purposes, these listed below are the ones to get acquainted with: NT cutters are cutters from Japan and have been around for a long time. Many designers grew up with these cutters with retractable/disposable blades; early designs were dull and practical looking but the latest offerings are ‘sexy’ looking, and most probably aimed at the iGeneration.

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