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Beautiful Communication



The Power of Typography

Typography is a powerful and important design element when it comes to communicating visually. And like good acting, good typography is so subtle it can’t be seen or noticed. The fact is, viewers always respond better to good typography.

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Tom Hingston Studio: Visualising Music


Apologies if you're not that much into insects! The great "Mezzanine" album cover by Massive Attack from back in 1998. Art direction and design: Tom Hingston Studio, photography: Nick Knight.




If you ask graphic designers how they got into graphics in the first place, a lot of them will tell you about their favourite album covers or something else visually related to music. Enter London-based Tom Hingston: For over ten years, he has been designing quite a lot for music, from flyers for the legendary Blue Note club to Massive Attack’s covers. PingMag asks Tom about visualising sounds.

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Eleanor Rigby Typographics in Motion

Old Beatle’s classic…